Dental Bridges

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If you are facing the challenge of a missing tooth or several adjacent teeth, Dr. Kristy Lin may recommend a dental bridge as a solution to restore your smile and dental function. A dental bridge is a reliable and fixed dental restoration that effectively fills the gap left by missing teeth. The primary mechanism involves anchoring the bridge in place using two dental crowns that are tailored to match your unique smile. These crowns are affixed to the neighboring teeth or dental implants adjacent to the space created by the absent tooth.

Through this stable anchoring, the artificial tooth (or teeth) within the bridge effectively regain the appearance and function of natural teeth. This means you can speak, chew and eat comfortably without concern of the restoration shifting or becoming loose. One of the benefits of this approach is its nonremovable nature, providing a secure and long-lasting solution to tooth loss.

In most cases, the process of obtaining a dental bridge only requires two visits to your dental professional. However, with our advanced CEREC technology this time may be cut down to a single visit in some cases. The end result of your treatment plan is not only a functional improvement but also an aesthetic enhancement to your smile. Dental bridges can offer various advantages, including the restoration of your ability to speak and chew normally, maintenance of proper bite alignment and even enhancement of your facial structure.

Whether you are looking to replace a removable partial denture or prevent adjacent teeth from shifting, a dental bridge can address these concerns effectively. By consulting with our experienced dentist, you can determine if a custom dental bridge is the appropriate option for restoring your smile and oral health. Contact Maxus Dental today at 503-334-0930 to learn more about how a dental bridge in Aloha, Oregon, could benefit you!