Intraoral Cameras

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Here at Maxus Dental, our dentist and team use an intraoral camera to more closely examine your teeth and mouth. Intraoral cameras are remarkable instruments and have revolutionized dental diagnostics and patient engagement. This compact, pen-shaped device serves as a window into the intricate world of your oral health. By capturing vivid, high-resolution color images of your teeth, gums and oral structures, the intraoral camera empowers dental professionals to observe even the most hidden angles and details that escape the naked eye.

At the forefront of modern dentistry, the intraoral camera serves a multifaceted purpose. It acts as a proactive tool for preventive care by identifying issues like tooth decay, gum disease and structural abnormalities in their early stages. Its agility allows our dentist to delve into crevices that were once hard to access, facilitating swift and precise diagnoses. Whether it is detecting the minutest crack in a tooth or spotting the initial signs of periodontal disease, the intraoral camera’s contribution to dental care is invaluable.

Furthermore, the intraoral camera extends its influence beyond the dentist’s chair. Patients themselves benefit from a newfound understanding of their oral health, as the captured images provide visual evidence of any concerns and the proposed treatments. These images can be easily shared with other dental professionals for specialist consultations or seamlessly integrated into insurance claims for enhanced transparency.

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