Bone Grafting

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Bone grafting is a specialized oral surgery procedure designed to address inadequate jawbone density. If your jawbone lacks the necessary thickness, a bone graft may be recommended. Bone grafts involve the use of transplanted bone tissue, and over time, your jawbone integrates with the grafted bone tissue, leading to the formation of a stronger and more stable foundation.

A primary reason for our dentist to recommend a bone graft is to ensure sufficient bone density for procedures like dental implants. After a tooth is extracted or lost, the jawbone can undergo a process of resorption or deterioration at that site. For successful dental implant placement, it is crucial to address this bone loss. While bone grafts are commonly associated with implant dentistry, they may also be recommended as part of a broader treatment plan. For example, a bone graft may be provided to prepare you to receive a bridge or denture, or as part of a periodontal treatment plan. Our dentist will discuss your oral health needs and treatment option during your consultation to determine if a bone graft is right for you.

Understanding the nuances of bone grafting and its potential benefits is essential. We welcome you to contact Maxus Dental at 503-334-0930 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kristy Lin and learn more about bone grafting in Aloha, Oregon. We are dedicated to providing you with the comprehensive guidance and care you need to improve your oral wellbeing and enjoy a healthy mouth and smile.